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The Aspiring American Ninja Warrior!

American Ninja Warrior kid

Jonas is a 5 year old who lives in beautiful Tucson, AZ. For the past year, he has been training daily in hopes to be on the TV show, American Ninja Warrior. His idol, Joe Maroskvy, contacted him on Facebook  and also sent him a Joe Maroskvy youtube message to Ninja Jonas which inspired him to keep his training up and keep on pushing to be the first American Ninja Warrior kid! He is in the process of building (and possibly opening a gym in the Corona de Tucson/Vail/Tucson area in the near future) a Ninja Warrior and parkour course. Go Ninja Jonas! Your team supports you 110%!


Watch American Ninja Warrior’s 7th Season every Monday Night on Esquire Network and NBC with hot Matt Iseman, Akbar Gbaja Biamila, and Kristine Leahy! Ninja Jonas LOVES Joe Moroskvy and Isaac Caldiero (who, BTW, rocked the Mt. Midoriyama course in Japan last week and won 1 million dollars $$!)!

American Ninja Warrior is a sport competition TV show based off  of the Japanese television series Sasuke.

It has been renewed for an 8th season for 2016!

Ninja Jonas iBooks are here!

Jonas is learning about books in school: the Title Page, Illustrator, and story telling. That is the main reason why we’ve put together these two books–to show him how to do it. We hope you enjoy the books–they aren’t perfect, but he loves them and...

Video from Joe Moravsky to Jonas

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