Ninja Jonas Lunch Recipe


Eat like a ninja!

For lunch, Jonas asked for a “healthy meal that will build muscle” on his body. Here’s what he and his cousin Janell will be making:

-Corn tortilla sauteed in olive oil with a covering of Asiago cheese, guacamole/avocado, cooked for 4 minutes each side until golden brown
-3 slices of watermelon-glass of power smoothie (recipe HERE)

Enjoying this healthy diet in front of the TV, while watching Kacy get all the way to the top!! Go girl!


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Suzy B Tracy works for Apple, Inc as a Senior Advisor. She is a website developer and online marketer for several marketing firms throughout the US. She loves everything electronic and technical and is a self proclaimed "girl geek." She is also Ninja Jonas's #1 fan :)

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