Ninja Jonas iBooks are here!

Jonas is learning about books in school: the Title Page, Illustrator, and story telling. That is the main reason why we’ve put together these two books–to show him how to do it. We hope you enjoy the books–they aren’t perfect, but he loves them and that’s all that matters 🙂

Both are available to download by clicking the images below and will be available on the iBooks store soon.


Download your copy here (.pdf) by clicking on the above image

(click on image above to download the .pdf)

Jonas wants to be a farmer childrens book

Keep checking Ninja Jonas Website for release dates to iBooks

About the Author
Suzy B Tracy works for Apple, Inc as a Senior Advisor. She is a website developer and online marketer for several marketing firms throughout the US. She loves everything electronic and technical and is a self proclaimed "girl geek." She is also Ninja Jonas's #1 fan :)
  1. Chip Reply

    Very impressive! Enjoyed

  2. Kim Reply

    We liked the books you wrote. Waiting to see them show in iBooks.

  3. Alice and Jack Reply

    Cheers from Australia-we are avid american ninja fans and saw you post something on one of the pages that we follow. We are so glad to find you-wonderful graphics in your book and loved reading the the farmer book as well. Cheers to seeing more from you little ninja-

  4. Darren Reply

    Salmon ladder was tight in the book. Joe M ran wit it

  5. Debbie Reply

    I was directed here to this darling web page by a friend on Facebook. My how wonderful this is. The books about Jonas are precious.

  6. Kids Publish Texan Reply

    Is there someone that I can speak with about the books? Be attached my email to the message here

  7. Caleb Reply

    I am wriring this from a fan of the televisio show; ninja warrior. the show is brilliant; our son enjoys it also. my kids like your book. thank you

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